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My name is Wojciech Kolodziejczak and I am Life Networker! Nowadays, the successful career and business development is based on building strong and trusted relationships. These social and business networks form the heart of your business, career and personal life.
I have graduated law at University of Chester and after several years in legal practice I decided to do what I really love which is networking! I have been working as a business development and marketing manager at Simpson Millar Solicitors and my full time job is to generate business via networking and other related activities. I believe that with financial, business and legal sectors striving to secure profitable contracts, business development and networking have been essential to open doors to many commercial opportunities. I have been working in this field since 2011 and I am so excited to share my knowledge and experience with you!

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Life Networker na konferencji Think Big!

Co tu duzo pisac! Motywacja, Inspiracja, PrzeŽamywanie barier, Droga do sukcesu, Pomoc oraz Networking! Podczas mojej prezentacji zasiegniesz wiedzy na temat: – rozwoju biznesu, – networkingu – dobierania partnerow do Twojego Networku biznesowego, – i wielu innych zagadnien. Na Think Big poznasz i nawiazesz relacje z innymi Przedsiebiorcami i rozwiniesz dzieki temu mozliwosci swojego biznesu. […]

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David Artingstall

Networking your way to a dream job in law! Interview with David Artingstall

How did I start my career as a legal recruiter? I was senior partner at a substantial firm of Solicitors in Greater Manchester. The firm had grown to around 100 staff and I had worked my way up from joining the firm as an assistant solicitor to senior partner. I had been at the firm […]

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BNI meetings: Should I pass or should I go?

BNI meetings: Should I pass or should I go? For years I have been a very active networker and I have been able to connect quite confidently with other business people. I go to about three or four different networking events every week and some of them are free events, some of them are paid. […]

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Bombarded with ads

Do you know that you are exposed to approximately 5,000 marketing messages a day? We are bombarded with advertising messages everywhere we go on streets, on trains, buses and via old standbys like TV, newspapers and radio or newer media like mobile push up notifications, email marketing, posts on social media or other approaches of brands […]

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People About Me

  • Thank You Wojciech for the Networking Workshop You organize. It was great volume of information that I took. Also fantastic opportunity to take contacts from business minded people. Thanks again and hopefully see You soon.

    — Piotr Skwara

    Owner at Personal Business Development

  • I have known Wojciech not for a long time, but since first I met him I do ask myself why I had not meet him earlier. Wojciech is a very good networker who can connect you with business contacts that you have been looking for long time. He is always ready to help and give you a good & valuable advice. Do not waste your time and meet Wojciech as soon as you can.

    — Szymon Niestryjewski

    Co-founder and vice Chair at Midlands Polish Business Club

  • Wojciech is the man! Sincere, Honest, Warm and Professional. If you need a networking wizard, Wojciech can help with organising and curating all kinds of networking gatherings..
    He is a great guy and a friend! If you have got a complex projects with lots of parties involved, ask Wojciech for help. He will no doubt do so with a big smile on his face!

    — Michael Frackowiak

    Founder of Liverpool Gentleman Fashion Elites Group

  • I have worked with Wojciech now for over two years on a variety of projects. Wojciech is highly self motivated person with a vision, passion and plenty of ideas. Always looking to improve and learn more as well as be able to deliver more. His keen leadership abilities and time management allow Wojciech to deliver at the highest level of expectations. It is a great pleasure to know and work with Wojciech.

    — Maria Kompanowski

    Public Speaker at Kompanowski Ltd / Dolphin Seminars Ltd

  • Wojciech I can recommend as a person with great proficiency and deep experience of building strong business relations. Wojciech is a self motivated and wise person but also an inspiring perfectionist. Creative strategist with great interpersonal skills. Customer focused and honest team player. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Wojciech is your go-to person!

    — Aleksander Gora

    Product Manager at Scenario

  • Wojciech Jozef is an amazing person with positive attitude towards any activity he is involved in. He is very supportive and respectful to others which in connection with his humorous nature makes him an amazing “icebreaking device”. I cannot stop loving Wojciech! He is awesome.

    — Greg Futyma

    Direct Response Marketing Expert, Business Coach, Lead Generation Consultant

  • Professional net-worker is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Wojciech. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Wojciech for over 2 years, during which we have worked together on several projects. Above all, I was impressed with Wojciech’s ability to generate new openings. And, of course, his professionalism. Wojciech would be a true asset for any positions and comes highly recommended.

    — Jarrod James Faulkner

    Full Circle Claim Solutions - Genuine Routes to market in Australia & Scotland

  • I know Wojciech for few years, I have had a pleasure to share stage with him as well as many networking events since that time. He is very ambitious and professional in what he does and his unlimited passion for people and believe in better society is very impressive. His warm attitude makes me always willing to support any ideas he creates or projects he runs. I think we should have more people on the earth like him.

    — Krzysztof Jaworski

    Polish Success Centre

  • I have had a number of dealings with Wojciech over the last 12 months and I have always found him to be professional, knowledgeable and able to connect with people very easily. He is passionate about what he does and brings an enthusiasm and commitment to the discussion.

    — Rob McPhun

    Property coach

  • Kinga Eva Pich

    Wojciech’s achievements and accomplishments speak for themselves. He is resourceful, passionate and highly driven. Wojciech has an impeccable work ethic. He is meticulous, extremely focused and always enthusiastic. The quality and accuracy of his work is undeniable. Wojciech has an extraordinary zest for life!

    — Kinga Eva Plich

    Founder & President at PREMIER International Business Club

  • Wojciech is a very warm person. He always influences me with fresh, positive energy. Before I knew him, I haven’t considered networking as a significant factor in a business. He’s incredible skills and knowledge helps me understand the importance of network, people’s behaviours and how all that can be used.

    — Pawel Wieczorek

    Game Designer at Quadruple Mechanics Limited

  • I could talk a long time about how wonderful Wojciech is, but you can check yourself.
    To describe him in a few words I will mention some of his special features: loves to get to know people, involvement, business knowledge, the ability to cooperate, finding common benefits.

    — Piotr Kopec

    Think Big

  • Monika Jakimowicz

    I invited Wojciech to Global Investor Club meeting in Bristol, to give session on networking. I learned invaluable information on introducing myself to others and most importantly found out some tips on how to make myself more memorable to new people that I meet. I can wholeheartedly recommend Wojciech!

    — Monika Jakimowicz

    Global Investor Club Bristol