A networking event is like a first date! Check out interview with Krystyna Czerwinska

Hi Krystyna, it is a pleasure to speak with one of outstanding Poles in the UK. Congratulations! Can you tell us more about yourself?

Thank you very much, Wojciech, the Outstanding Pole title it is an honor and the award given to me for the past six years of my hard work. It was worth it!

I am an entrepreneur, owner and director of Czerwinska Group of Companies operating in the area of Yorkshire. I am the founder of Yorkshire Polish Business Club – a networking club for entrepreneurs and professionals in the United Kingdom. I also sponsor many events for Polish community abroad and I am a committed humanitarian activist. Currently, I am studying law and I am an enthusiast of business and positive thinking. My motto is “The sky is the limit” provided that one works hard and has unshakeable self-confidence.

Can you tell us about Czerwinska Group?

One day, a bit over six years ago, I decided to utilize all my language and leadership capabilities. I dedicated my work to Polish and other communities from the Eastern Europe living in the UK. My colleagues and employees named the business: “Czerwinska Group of Companies”. Apart from administrative, accounting and translation services, we also liaise with law firms and insurance brokers to help with various issues like debt management, assisting individuals and companies in their first steps in the United Kingdom.

You are also very experienced networker who is connecting with both Polish and British. Can you share with us how Krystyna Czerwinska does networking?

I always learn something new during networking sessions. I observe people, I listen to people and I do not talk too much about myself. I do not like when people judge me by just knowing what I do in life. I like to create personal relationships with people I meet, and I always think of how I could work with them in business, and how I could help them. I am a true giver and I believe that giving what you have got the best and helping with no expectations, always comes back. It is always a good idea to show value.

Remember to pick the right event! Not every networking event will be suitable for you, so it is a good idea to do some much needed research beforehand. Find the events that are tailored to your industry, will help you attract prospects and that are aimed at your target market.

Can you advise on any networking technique that has been a key to your success?

I am always myself and I believe this is the most important. Always be yourself. Do never try to be somebody else, and never lie. During the networking sessions I have learned to ask (this always surprises people), what is their last project they worked on instead of ‘’what do you do’’? This piece of information tells me more than a title or a job description of a person. Far too many people make the mistake of trying to pitch and just sell to everyone they talk to. This is a huge mistake, it will push people away and leave you marginalized wondering why nobody wants to talk to you. I also do not like to waste my time- as the time is essential when you network- I try do not speak to the person I already know. For beginners it can be a little bit awkward saying hello to a stranger but what you need to remember is that many people in the room are in the same position – and all people there are to build relationships.

Remember that the networking should not finish when the session finishes. The most important part is after the networking session, where you phone the person you want to do the business with, you invite that person for a coffee and lunch. A networking event is like a first date, if you do not follow up with people you have just met then they may think you were not really interested.

Thank you Krystyna, wish you more success and happiness in your life & keep networking :]


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