Manchester Anglo-Polish Networking Group

Would you like to explore various markets, meet new clients, and get new business?

Of course you would, meaning you might be interested in attending our Anglo-Polish networking meeting in Manchester.

The aim of the group is to foster relations between Anglo and Polish business communities who might not normally meet, break down barriers, and allow new business relationships to flourish.

The events start at 18:00 and will finish at around 20:00 – with drinks served in between. There will also be a number of guest talks – and naturally some dedicated time for networking.

18:00 Event opening
18:15 Elevator speeches
18:30 Expert’s presentation on cross-cultural networking
18:50 Interview with Anglo-Polish story of success – Saied Patel & Jadwiga Siuda of Therapy First based in Media City.
19:00 Open networking
Register at
Email for more information.
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Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.

Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.

Christine Comaford-Lynch

I believe that we often miss an opportunity to grow our personal brands via networking. It does not matter whether you are a business owner or an employee. Networking not only opens the door to new jobs or business opportunities, but it also gives you a chance to market yourself / your personal brand.

Among other things, business and personal growth depends vastly on networking, and should be regarded as an important part of your branding strategy.

Would you agree?

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Where to find networking events?

There are so many networking opportunities in the UK as most of towns and cities will have both informal and formal business meetings.

You can find lot of local networking groups, however I have compiled a small list of national organizations that you can find in your own region.

BNI stands for Business Networking International and is a successful referral organization with hundreds of local “chapters”. I have been a member of one of the groups in Manchester region so I am happy to share my personal feedback about BNI and how it works, just check my blog

4Networking –
You can choose from 5000 relaxed, fun and friendly business networking events each year. I have had a pleasure to attend these groups on several occasions and I really enjoyed three 10-minute 1-2-1 business appointments at each meeting. The other great thing about “4N” is that any member can attend any group in the UK.

British Chambers of Commerce –
The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is a dynamic and independent business network with 52 accredited Chambers of Commerce with national coverage. BCC is representing thousands of businesses of all sizes and sectors. There is lots of interesting features for members and there are also networking events where non-members can attend as well.

Federation of Small Businesses –
The FSB is the biggest small business organization which offers its members a wide range of business services including legal advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government.I have had a pleasure to attend and co-organize many cross cultural events supporting migrant businesses, check

There are variety of professional groups and trade shows that you may choose to attend, both locally and nationally.

Enjoy your networking trips!

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Life Networker na konferencji Think Big!

Co tu duzo pisac!

Motywacja, Inspiracja, PrzeŽamywanie barier, Droga do sukcesu, Pomoc oraz Networking!

Podczas mojej prezentacji zasiegniesz wiedzy na temat:
– rozwoju biznesu,
– networkingu
– dobierania partnerow do Twojego Networku biznesowego,
– i wielu innych zagadnien.

Na Think Big poznasz i nawiazesz relacje z innymi Przedsiebiorcami i rozwiniesz dzieki temu mozliwosci swojego biznesu.

Jesli nie jestes jeszcze Przedsiebiorca to dowiesz sie jak to jest nim byc od praktykow i zdecydujesz czy taka droga Ciebie interesuje.

Mozliwosci sa nieograniczone i zaleza tylko od naszej umiejetnosci wspolpracy!

Zajrzyj na

Mozesz skorzystac z kodu na 10% znizki na bilety jedno i dwuosobowe Think BIG.

Wpisz przy zakupie biletu kod:odwojtka

Do zobaczenia!

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Networking your way to a dream job in law! Interview with David Artingstall

David Artingstall

How did I start my career as a legal recruiter?
I was senior partner at a substantial firm of Solicitors in Greater Manchester. The firm had grown to around 100 staff and I had worked my way up from joining the firm as an assistant solicitor to senior partner. I had been at the firm for over 25 years. There were only 2 equity partners including myself and I received an offer to buy my shares from a couple of ambitious salaried partners. Having worked in the law for such a length of time, and believing the offer to be a fair one, I sold my shares and decided to work outside the law but still keep my connections within it.. Hence the move in to legal recruitment.
I work essentially on my own with a handful of lawyers at any time helping them find new career opportunities. Often the solicitors I work with are at associate / junior partner level and have hit a glass ceiling at their current firms. I will make enquiries on their behalf, maintaining their anonymity, and generate interest in them with suitable firms.

Networking is essential to my business. That said it is important to network wisely. Good networking events for me are those where there are plenty of lawyers, and people who work with lawyers, present. Many of the lawyers I have helped up the legal ladder, I have met at networking events.

Is it hard to find a good job in the law?
Yes it is. It’s very hard to get in at the ground floor. Training contracts are very hard to come by. Once you are in the profession try and choose a pathway that will see you working in an area of the law where you will have a busy future. Things change. Some areas of the legal market are very susceptible to the health of the wider economy. When the economy is prospering lawyers in property and in corporate / commercial are much in demand. When the economy slows they are often the first to go! Some areas are influenced by Government policy. Cuts to legal aid have affected areas such as crime and family law. Personal injury faces challenges in light of Government reforms.
Whatever role you take its important to try and build your own contacts of referrers and clients. Firms will pay more for people who have their own business plan and connection. Back to the importance of networking!!

Networking Tips
Don’t talk too much about yourself. If you are meeting people possibly for the first time don’t launch off all about yourself and your business and try to sell yourself and your services. The hard sell approach puts people off. People don’t like pushy people and remember…People do business with people they Like!
Instead ask people about themselves, their businesses, the challenges they face, why they chose to go into that area of work etc. People often like to talk about themselves and if you find out about them you may spot opportunities where you think you might be able to help them in the future.
Don’t be afraid of networking. It doesn’t come easy to a lot of people but it makes it easier if you remember – everyone is there at a networking event for the same reason. To meet people whom they might be able to do business with
Always take some business cards along. Ask if people are on Linked In and suggest it might be good to Link in as a means of keeping in touch. Follow up after the meeting with a brief e mail saying it was good to meet and hopefully see them again in the future. That way they have your contact details to hand. Then keep in touch.

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Bombarded with ads

Do you know that you are exposed to approximately 5,000 marketing messages a day?

We are bombarded with advertising messages everywhere we go on streets, on trains, buses and via old standbys like TV, newspapers and radio or newer media like mobile push up notifications, email marketing, posts on social media or other approaches of brands trying to get our attention.

According to Jay Walker-Smith, who’s the president of the marketing firm, Yankelovich, says “We’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970s to as many as 5,000 a day today.” [Source: CBS News]

It is why people are confused and prefer to search for recommendations!

Consumers are 81% more likely to trust their peers over advertising when it comes to purchasing decisions. [Source:]

When you are looking for a good gardener, who do you turn to? You ask your friends, family and work colleagues—because they are the ones who can tell you about the experiences they have personally had.

Life Networker’s advice: Keep networking, keep building strong relationships with people and get your message via powerful word of mouth marketing.

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Rainmakers versus Employees

Have you ever wondered why certain employees do not have problem with finding new clients?

Who are these rainmakers then?
Centuries ago native American tribes had people with divine powers who were believed to be capable of producing rain via ritual activities in a drought-stricken lands of the west.

Similarly, nowadays there are people who generate business for their employers and they are sealing deals, attracting clients or opportunities, from various unusual sources, making the impression that the business was created out of nothing. One could say that
rainmakers make business or make it “rain”, whilst employees deliver services and are like “umbrellas”. Nowadays both types are crucial for a successful business to run properly.

Let’s focus on rainmakers whose key to success is usually the effect of being a proactive, outgoing, motivated and patient networkers with large social networks. Rainmakers are able to quickly get to know clients personally and generate business with a single contact. However, the most successful rainmakers are very patient professionals and appreciate that business development success requires building strong & long term relationships.

The other characteristic of rainmakers is that they are doers who are actively making the calls rather than waiting on the phone to ring. They do not sit idly for the business to come through the door. For instance, rainmakers get most of their new clients from networking activities and successful word-of-mouth marketing.

Rainmakers are also highly motivated risk takers who frequently question established rules in order to achieve higher business performance.

Another interesting thing I found about rainmakers is that they are very resilient and they handle sale rejections really well. Some professionals just simply never take “no” for an answer or just interpret it as “not now”.

Rainmakers tend to be a very good listeners and make people open up to someone who seems genuinely interested in their business. They are very curious about others and they ask very good “pin point” questions which are important part of the sales process.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some strengths we are born with, some weaknesses we can improve by practicing. Networking and business development skills can be improved by practice and it does not matter whether you are an introvert or extravert.

It is not surprise that these types of employees have more control over their careers, because employers appreciate new business coming through a company door. Therefore, I encourage you to become a successful rainmaker.

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Business development, networking & rainmaking workshop with Life Networker

21 of January 2017 between 10am and 4pm at Polish Millennium House in Birmingham Life Networker is running a workshop on business development, networking and rainmaking skills.

Embark on a journey to become the most successful networker you can be!

Email to sing up!

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Christmas Networking Sins

It is Christmas time during which many of us spend this time with close family. However, there are lots of people enjoying Christmas time at big parties with lots of people. As far as I remember my family organised parties for a group of closed family and friends which was always relatively big ( 20+ ). There were always new faces and interesting characters to chat with.Manners and networking etiquette differ between continents, countries and cultures, however they must exist to facilitate smooth communication and respectful coexistence in a particular social group.

I thought I would take this opportunity to go over some major Christmas networking etiquette sins:

1. Treat other people as you would like to be treated – applies to every networking etiquette situation.

2. Don’t drink too much – it is surely difficult for some people, but there is always a price to pay for drinking excessively. By falling asleep under a table or dancing drunken style waltz not only could could hurt you, but will also embarrass yourself.

3. Don’t gossip and don’t talk about others behind their back – it’s impolite and you will not have a chance to build a relationship as people will not trust you.

4. Don’t use your smartphone excessively. Leave texting, emailing, updating your Facebook status for later. You are supposed to build relationships with people!

5. Avoid topics like politics or religion.It’s one of the quickest ways to alienate new contacts.

6. Stop moaning and complaining about everything! It’s so rude to attend a party and complain about tasteless food and that alcohol isn’t strong enough. For some odd reason we Poles complain too much, please just stop it
and enjoy Christmas time!

Last of all, be careful what you put online, whether it iss Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You may lose your job or deprive yourself of some business opportunity, because someone checked your social media profile. Surely, You do not want it all to come back and haunt you.

Would you like to share other Christmas networking sins you have come across in your life?


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Who do you wish to connect with?

Who do you wish to connect with?

Are you seeking for particular contacts?

People involved in a specific industry with special knowledge and experience?


Establish where are centres of influence in your area of expertise. If you want to be a successful architect you need to start networking in places where other architects and industry leaders are…

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Interview with Michael Frackowiak

Hi Michael, thank you so much for finding time to speak with me today. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi Wojciech. Thanks for having me. My name is Michael and I am Making Men Look Smarter. How? By telling them what to wear and what not to wear, when, how and why! I am a strong believer that there is certain amount of time that we have got when we meet new people and if we send the wrong signal, make bad first impression, that relationship is in jeopardy. I am not saying however that it is impossible to recover from bad first impression, but why would not want to give ourselves the best chance to succeed?
That was a very long answer for seemingly easy and straightforward question, but i believe in this. Men are notoriously difficult to convince that they should break their own habits of what to wear and how to wear things, as no one teaches that. We, men, are the creatures of habits. At school we have classes about Biology, History and Statistics, but nothing about making good first impression, and how to dress well.

You have become an absolute expert in helping Men to dress smartly and confidently. Where this passion came from?
The idea behind the pocket square business, which is a very niche and narrow market, came from seeing a lot of people not looking at their best when wearing a suit.
Too frequently there is something missing. Often people are spending lots of money on expensive suits. They will go out there and get the Ted Baker or Hugo Boss suit for £500.
Then they put it together, go for a night out and are surprised that no one notices their fine suit. I can guaranteed, that if they would spend extra £30 on a pocket square, match it with socks and watch…boom…they get a lot of compliments for both a suit and the entire look.
So the idea was simple – to help guys look their best! Plus, I get to try all the fancy colours and designs first, so it is also lots of fun for me!
I have actually created a blog post that talks about pocket squares specially for lawyers and solicitors:
I can also revel that very soon, probably at the start of the 2017 we will also be making suits, which will very much complete the look. Handmade, Italian, extremely nice suits! You are one of the first people to know about this!

You are also a fantastic networker who is very comfortable with connecting with both British and Polish entrepreneurs. Is networking great part of your business?
Networking has got some bad connotations. People say ‘networking’ and feel ‘ughhh’. I think the reason for that is that we – you – networkers in general messed it up for everyone. General population hears ‘networking’ and think of a bunch of people, in a dingy, tiny room, exchanging business cards, trying to sell each other some bullshit products insurance. But in majority of cases it is not like that at all.
You talk, You listen, You see how you can help the other person.
As simple as that.
Networking is great as you only ever going to buy and sell from people.
The truth is that, you go to a shop and you like the jacket, you are about to buy it, but the store-assistant is giving you some bullshit sales-pitch, he is nagging you to buy this jacket and also shoes. What do you do?
You leave.
You don’t make purchase.
As people buy and sell from people. Networking is just a fancy name of saying how different people can help each other making their business or their network of contacts better.

Can you share with us any networking tip that has been a key to your success?

One tip – always be nice to people and listen more. Don’t talk – just listen
What i mean by this is that you should always listen first. You will be surprised how does that change how people perceive you.
There is a book called Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox-Cabane. In that book there is a very interesting story which i would like to paste here as it profoundly changed the way i look at networking in general:
“IN THE TORRID London summer of 1886, William Gladstone was up against Benjamin Disraeli for the post of prime minister of the United Kingdom. This was the Victorian era, so whoever won was going to rule half the world. In the very last week before the election, both men happened to take the same young woman out to dinner. Naturally, the press asked her what impressions the rivals had made. She said, “After dining with Mr. Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest person in England. But after dining with Mr. Disraeli, I thought I was the cleverest person in England.” Guess who won the election? It was the man who made others feel intelligent, impressive, and fascinating: Benjamin Disraeli.”
That sums it up pretty well!


Back to Expert's Panel
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Benefits of networking

Benefits of networking?!

Opportunities ahead!!

Networking is a key activity that is not only fun, but critical to your personal growth and business development.

With a motivated group of “life networkers” comes a variety of opportunities!

Opportunities like joint ventures, career development, business referrals, partnerships, coaching, speaking and writing opportunities… the list can go on & on endlessly…

What other opportunities would you add?

#LifeNetworker #networking #lookingforopportunities

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Have you ever suffered from a bad handshake?

Have you ever suffered from a bad handshake?

Well, in fact history of a handshake goes back to 900 B.C. when Assyrian king sealed the deal with Babylonian ruler or in ancient Greece handshakes were evidence of trust or a pledge. With such long history and practice you would imagine that people should reach perfection, well it’s really amazing how many people can get simple art of handshake so wrong!

There are different types of handshakes that show your intentions and you can adjust them according to a particular situation, but for the love of…do not let other people suffer from your bad handshake…

The worst is “dead fish” handshake!
It signals weakness to the other person that you are not confident and very nervous. That handshake can be particularly detrimental to your business and career.

Another bad one is “wet handshake”!
Really, if you are sweaty or just got back from the toilet you should make sure that your hands are dry and clean.

I personally hate a missed handshake when you hold someone’s fingers!

There is also bone crusher that is showing dominance and power. It should be avoided by every entrepreneur and networker as it can damage every relationship and affect your reputation.

The proper handshake should be firm without creating the impression that you’re trying to prove your strength. Moreover, make an eye contact as it shows respect and suggests that you are an honest and trustworthy person.


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Let me tell you how I got my first legal work experience via networking?

Let me tell you how I got my first legal work experience via networking?

Apparently,”80% of today’s senior jobs are landed through networking” says my friend who works for recruitment agency.
Despite the rise of online job search tools & networking sites like LinkedIn, the word out there among recruitment professionals is that most people still find jobs through networking.

Well, let me tell you my story!

During my first year as a student of law at University of Chester I decided to apply for various work placements and volunteering. I think that I sent about 100 job applications… and all rejections! I remember when I applied for a non-paid work experience with a nationwide law firm, however a week later I got an email from recruitment of that firm that unfortunately I am not shortlisted for interviews. I realised that either my job application skills suck or I am doing sth wrong. Next day after getting that email I attended a networking event which was fairly informal as it took place in a pub. I met lots of interesting people and at about 9pm I joined a table where a group of attendees were talking about football. It was really easy to engage as I am a huge football supporter. After 30 minutes I really linked with this group and they started to ask more about me and what I do. It transpired that one of them was a senior partner of the very same law firm that rejected my application!! At some point he said to me: ” Wojciech, would you like to apply for a work experience with our firm? I am sure my people gonna like you.” I said: “Mike, I applied to your firm and got rejected yesterday” He then said: “No way! I’m gonna fix this and I will arrange for you to get some work experience with us”

Amazing power of networking!


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Learn the power of event networking title

Networking is about interacting with others to build and develop professional and social contacts. In particular, event networking provides an exceptional opportunity to raise your business profile, get experience and create opportunities, all of which are essential to ensuring the future success of your business.

Full article:

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