Christmas Networking Sins

It is Christmas time during which many of us spend this time with close family. However, there are lots of people enjoying Christmas time at big parties with lots of people. As far as I remember my family organised parties for a group of closed family and friends which was always relatively big ( 20+ ). There were always new faces and interesting characters to chat with.Manners and networking etiquette differ between continents, countries and cultures, however they must exist to facilitate smooth communication and respectful coexistence in a particular social group.

I thought I would take this opportunity to go over some major Christmas networking etiquette sins:

1. Treat other people as you would like to be treated – applies to every networking etiquette situation.

2. Don’t drink too much – it is surely difficult for some people, but there is always a price to pay for drinking excessively. By falling asleep under a table or dancing drunken style waltz not only could could hurt you, but will also embarrass yourself.

3. Don’t gossip and don’t talk about others behind their back – it’s impolite and you will not have a chance to build a relationship as people will not trust you.

4. Don’t use your smartphone excessively. Leave texting, emailing, updating your Facebook status for later. You are supposed to build relationships with people!

5. Avoid topics like politics or religion.It’s one of the quickest ways to alienate new contacts.

6. Stop moaning and complaining about everything! It’s so rude to attend a party and complain about tasteless food and that alcohol isn’t strong enough. For some odd reason we Poles complain too much, please just stop it
and enjoy Christmas time!

Last of all, be careful what you put online, whether it iss Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You may lose your job or deprive yourself of some business opportunity, because someone checked your social media profile. Surely, You do not want it all to come back and haunt you.

Would you like to share other Christmas networking sins you have come across in your life?


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