Have you ever suffered from a bad handshake?

Have you ever suffered from a bad handshake?

Well, in fact history of a handshake goes back to 900 B.C. when Assyrian king sealed the deal with Babylonian ruler or in ancient Greece handshakes were evidence of trust or a pledge. With such long history and practice you would imagine that people should reach perfection, well it’s really amazing how many people can get simple art of handshake so wrong!

There are different types of handshakes that show your intentions and you can adjust them according to a particular situation, but for the love of…do not let other people suffer from your bad handshake…

The worst is “dead fish” handshake!
It signals weakness to the other person that you are not confident and very nervous. That handshake can be particularly detrimental to your business and career.

Another bad one is “wet handshake”!
Really, if you are sweaty or just got back from the toilet you should make sure that your hands are dry and clean.

I personally hate a missed handshake when you hold someone’s fingers!

There is also bone crusher that is showing dominance and power. It should be avoided by every entrepreneur and networker as it can damage every relationship and affect your reputation.

The proper handshake should be firm without creating the impression that you’re trying to prove your strength. Moreover, make an eye contact as it shows respect and suggests that you are an honest and trustworthy person.


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