Let me tell you how I got my first legal work experience via networking?

Let me tell you how I got my first legal work experience via networking?

Apparently,”80% of today’s senior jobs are landed through networking” says my friend who works for recruitment agency.
Despite the rise of online job search tools & networking sites like LinkedIn, the word out there among recruitment professionals is that most people still find jobs through networking.

Well, let me tell you my story!

During my first year as a student of law at University of Chester I decided to apply for various work placements and volunteering. I think that I sent about 100 job applications… and all rejections! I remember when I applied for a non-paid work experience with a nationwide law firm, however a week later I got an email from recruitment of that firm that unfortunately I am not shortlisted for interviews. I realised that either my job application skills suck or I am doing sth wrong. Next day after getting that email I attended a networking event which was fairly informal as it took place in a pub. I met lots of interesting people and at about 9pm I joined a table where a group of attendees were talking about football. It was really easy to engage as I am a huge football supporter. After 30 minutes I really linked with this group and they started to ask more about me and what I do. It transpired that one of them was a senior partner of the very same law firm that rejected my application!! At some point he said to me: ” Wojciech, would you like to apply for a work experience with our firm? I am sure my people gonna like you.” I said: “Mike, I applied to your firm and got rejected yesterday” He then said: “No way! I’m gonna fix this and I will arrange for you to get some work experience with us”

Amazing power of networking!


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