Manchester Anglo-Polish Networking Group

Would you like to explore various markets, meet new clients, and get new business?

Of course you would, meaning you might be interested in attending our Anglo-Polish networking meeting in Manchester.

The aim of the group is to foster relations between Anglo and Polish business communities who might not normally meet, break down barriers, and allow new business relationships to flourish.

The events start at 18:00 and will finish at around 20:00 – with drinks served in between. There will also be a number of guest talks – and naturally some dedicated time for networking.

18:00 Event opening
18:15 Elevator speeches
18:30 Expert’s presentation on cross-cultural networking
18:50 Interview with Anglo-Polish story of success – Saied Patel & Jadwiga Siuda of Therapy First based in Media City.
19:00 Open networking
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