Paul T Lajszczak – investor in people with passion

Hi Paul, it is a pleasure to interview one of the most successful investors and networkers in the UK. Can you share with us how it all began? 

Im in UK for over 12 years before I did several businesses in Poland. Since I was child I always did something and was very active. I was playing violin, selling goods on market in Poland during, selling insurance, running recruitment business and many other things.  I just love changes, new projects and challenges which are very often crazy that people around me do not believe whether it was a joke or real plan for future.  I love meeting people and do business with them. I cannot work as employee as I am very independent and always see new opportunities or trying to improve existing projects. 

You are also an unique networker who as a resident of Dubai is connecting with businesses in the Middle East. How different is to network in Dubai in comparison to UK or Poland? 

Yes, I have been dealing with entrepreneurs from Middle East market for more than two years now. I also have been doing business in UK, Poland and many other countries. Actually, the question is very good as I am currently in Dubai on yet another business trip. There are so many differences between Europe and this region’s way of doing business, in particular you have to take into account:  1. Culture and Religion  2. Way of life 3. Trust   UK 1,2,3 is mixed everybody do things as they like and  in my opinion, there are not really set of business rules.   In Poland, you need to understand point 1 before you get into 2 and earn trust. Middle East is similar but you need to first start from point 3 and earn trust, then you have an opportunity to understand real culture, religion and after way of life  

That is very interesting. Can you share with us any tips that has been a key to your success? 

There are many things which makes us successful and happy, however each person needs find his/her own way. I am 36 now I follow 36 guidelines which I learned over the years.   1. Everyone has some uniqueness & value 2. Kids teach you as much as you teach them 3. Every solution is hidden in plain sight 4. Mistakes are gifts 5. Critics just want to be loved & understood 6. The more you learn, the more there is to learn 7. You don’t need money to be happy, but it helps 8. Charity is caring about others 9. Leadership is nurturing other leaders 10. One act of kindness can change someone’s life 11. Don’t be bullied, but don’t hold grudges 12. Podcasts are the future 13. Never overthink if you do something that you believe in 14. Extreme/one sided opinions are dangerous 15. You get more haters the more fans you get 16. You know what to do, you just have to do it 17. If you don’t take things personally life is better 18. If you do the right thing it will pay no matter how long it seems to take 19. Someone is good at things that you’re not & will help you if you ask 20. If you understand money you understand people 21. Your best ideas are in alternative niches 22. Patience is advice none of us take but all of us need 23. Property keeps going up, even when it goes down 24. Anything can be an asset if set up wisely 25. Deep conversations with great people are a great fuel for fulfillment 26. No one wants to hear you whine 27. Relationships are never done & always need working on 28. Growth & contribution lead to happiness, not happiness itself 29. It can get better, or worse, in a nano-second 30. Before you try to change someone, look at yourself first 31. If you keep changing, you make little progress 32 The amount of sleep we all need is different so test your own 33 Technology is making life easier but making us more demanding/petulant 34 Everyone has a purpose & life transforms when you find yours 35 If you hate what you do, you change it 36 Money isn’t good or bad, it’s a reflection of you  Being alive is a great gift & you can get grey hair in your beard like me the day you wake on your 36th birthday.

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