Send introductory emails that will get replies!

Well, this is a fact that we are just busy people these days and there is often a high risk that your message gets tossed and your email & name completely forgotten. There is a chance that my approach can help you.

Just bear in mind that one rule applies when sending emails- do not sell. Check out the other person, make sure to find out what accomplishments and awards he/she or business achieved recently. Then write email which could say ” I admire your work and would like discuss further how we can help each other” or sth like that. It is never the same when I write emails and I love finding out more about people, but thanks to that I’m usually prepared.

I keep emails as short as possible. My task is to convince the other person to check my message! I keep my emails down to three sentences that cuts out any trace of filler. If I email a director or other decision maker then I limit my text to a single paragraph and include web links so more information can be obtained.

I always suggest next steps and follow up. If my contact is genuinely interested in meeting me, I let him/her know how I would like to move forward.

Would you add anything from your experience?

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