Agenda for business development, networking and rainmaking workshop

Check out the agenda for Life Networker’s workshop!

There will be lots of valuable content and engaging exercises.

Business Development, Networking & Rainmaking Workshop agenda:

10:00 am – Workshop opening
10:10 am – Networking game
10:30 am – Personality test
11:00 am – Art of rainmaking
12:15 pm – Elevator speech practice session
12:45 pm – Break
1:15 pm – Business development & sales
2:30 pm – Networking etiquette & event networking
3:45 pm – Networking game
4:00 pm – Networking session in a Pub

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Rainmakers versus Employees

Have you ever wondered why certain employees do not have problem with finding new clients?

Who are these rainmakers then?
Centuries ago native American tribes had people with divine powers who were believed to be capable of producing rain via ritual activities in a drought-stricken lands of the west.

Similarly, nowadays there are people who generate business for their employers and they are sealing deals, attracting clients or opportunities, from various unusual sources, making the impression that the business was created out of nothing. One could say that
rainmakers make business or make it “rain”, whilst employees deliver services and are like “umbrellas”. Nowadays both types are crucial for a successful business to run properly.

Let’s focus on rainmakers whose key to success is usually the effect of being a proactive, outgoing, motivated and patient networkers with large social networks. Rainmakers are able to quickly get to know clients personally and generate business with a single contact. However, the most successful rainmakers are very patient professionals and appreciate that business development success requires building strong & long term relationships.

The other characteristic of rainmakers is that they are doers who are actively making the calls rather than waiting on the phone to ring. They do not sit idly for the business to come through the door. For instance, rainmakers get most of their new clients from networking activities and successful word-of-mouth marketing.

Rainmakers are also highly motivated risk takers who frequently question established rules in order to achieve higher business performance.

Another interesting thing I found about rainmakers is that they are very resilient and they handle sale rejections really well. Some professionals just simply never take “no” for an answer or just interpret it as “not now”.

Rainmakers tend to be a very good listeners and make people open up to someone who seems genuinely interested in their business. They are very curious about others and they ask very good “pin point” questions which are important part of the sales process.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some strengths we are born with, some weaknesses we can improve by practicing. Networking and business development skills can be improved by practice and it does not matter whether you are an introvert or extravert.

It is not surprise that these types of employees have more control over their careers, because employers appreciate new business coming through a company door. Therefore, I encourage you to become a successful rainmaker.

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