The art of elevator speech?!

Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to find investors or other experts to help you start your business or a business veteran with long service on a market you have only got limited time to land a great first impression with your elevator speech. It is an American term which is also known as an ‘elevator pitch’ – as if you were to meet a potentially crucial person for the first time in an elevator/ lift and he/she asks you: “What do you do?” You then have no more than 60 seconds – perhaps just 10-30 seconds – between floors to catch this contact’s attention so that the person asks for your contact details. If you talk too much & too fast like a machine gun, the listener will become bored, or think you are a nutter or too rude. Problem & Solution! You got to be specific & concise but mainly it’s worth to show you have clearly defined the problem your service or product is solving.The challenge is to get the contact to understand what your business is about and what it can do for them. If you have a bit more time like 60 seconds then it is great to tell a story that will uncover problem & a solution. A clear problem statement will help you focus your speech on product/service and solving that one problem on the market. Can you introduce your business as a solution for a specific problem?

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