My name is Wojciech Kolodziejczak and I am a Life Networker!

Networking is in my blood – seriously – I inherited it from my grandfather who was a great inspiration; he could make a deal with Russians, Jews, Germans and Polish during the communist era in Poland. Times were tough then but he was making a business regardless, and I watched him and secretly admired.

Since then, my journey has taken me to the UK. I have worked both in legal practice and as a business developer and am thrilled, when I look back, to see how all the opportunities I’ve had, and all of the fantastic people I have met along the way, have allowed me to become the best at what I love most: Life Networking.

Now it is easier than ever, yet after 12 years in the business and thousands of presentations and meetings, I still see people coming unprepared and unable to raise my interest. And there is more required if we were ever to make a deal and shake hands. One thing for sure: the know-how is out there if you are willing to reach for it, however, the risk is that you could reach that extra deal.

My mission is to promote cross-cultural networking and to
educate multicultural professionals that building strong business relations can help them grow their careers, businesses and personal lives.

Let’s put some life into your networking and make it work for you.


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  • Marketing and business development strategies advisor to migrant businesses in the UK,with a focus on cross-cultural aspects.
  • Assistant to British companies with business immigration and business development activities in Poland.
  • Business trainer specialised in cross-cultural communication, networking, and negotiation skills for British, Polish, and other multicultural businesses.
  • Visiting lecturer on networking skills for the Federation of Small Businesses, Royal Bank of Scotland, Global Investor Clu.b, Multicultural Business Club, ASBIRO, and other business organisations

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