LinkedIn Social Selling Secrets – Zoom Training

LinkedIn Social Selling Secrets – Zoom Training



LinkedIn Social Selling Secrets – Struggling to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your legal and financial services business? Have you optimized your profile and tried various activities, but you’re not seeing results?


You need a strategy!


If you’re running a business, your LinkedIn profile is like a shop window on a busy street. It needs to appeal to people to encourage them to walk in! Your job shouldn’t stop there, though.

What can you do to generate more leads and sell on LinkedIn then?


There are three things you should do:

  • Identify your ideal clients and spark their interest
  • Create and deliver a content strategy showing your expertise
  • Engage successfully with your target audience and get referrals

Identifying your ideal client is very important. When you know who your clients are, what’s important to them and what they are looking for, you can put together a strategy on how to showcase your work and expertise. This will help your prospects understand how you can help them. After all, we’re all selfish and want to know “what’s in it for me”.


And lastly, when you have your strategy, you will engage in conversations with your audience to build relationships, find your ideal customers and get referrals. That’s when you’ll start generating leads and turning everything into business opportunities.


Seems difficult? It’s easier than you think, and we will gladly help you create your LinkedIn Content & Lead Generation Strategy!

We have worked with many law and financial services firms and helped them take their LinkedIn game to the next level. Before that, we were our own guinea pigs and saw amazing results. Now, we want to help you!


Click the link below and book a 90-minute Zoom Training session to:

  • Discuss your LinkedIn activities so far
  • Identify who your ideal clients are
  • Learn how to attract the right people to do business with you
  • Develop a content strategy, so you get more people to know you
  • Understand how to keep your audience engaged and interested
  • Find ideal customers and referrals partners on LinkedIn
  • Generate more leads and business opportunities

After our meeting, we will be there for you for 30 more days! You can keep in touch with us and if you still have questions and want to get feedback on the strategy you implemented – we will be there for you!

Click the link and schedule your LinkedIn Social Selling Secrets package.

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